How to Create a Adsense friendly pages and approve adsense account

How to creaye adense friendly pages and approved adsense account.

Create a adsense friendly Pages its most important on your website and its Show on your website detail and quality on your website So its main point on your website to create a website related Policy.

Website create after apply adsense for earn money but some cases 75% never approved adsense account so create four pages on your website related pages and approved on your account.

Check all Pages  

  • Create first page on Program policy pages 

In this pages show on your website policy how to work on website and show all detail on website .

Download Program Policy Pages

  • Create second page Contact Us 

In this Page work on contact any problem and any discission on your website related , conatct  for viwers for any problem and its main part of the website .

Download Conatct Us Pages

  • Create a About us Page

In this pages giving on website and publisher deatiled on your viewer and its helpin any problem on page viewes.

Download About Us Pages

  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) 

 In this pages are work on any copyright details (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) 

Download DMCA Pages

Download after all pages please edit pdf and fill your website detail and (for example :- your name , website name, webite url, website email,gmail and about us means your full detail.

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